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Meridian Portable Receiver

The Portable Receiver is the ultimate tool for video monitoring and video assists applications. When paired with a Meridian transmitter it offers extremely high quality and zero delay.

The built in downconverter offers the ability to view any high definition source on a standard hand held monitor allowing substantial savings for portable film monitoring.

Latency less than 1 millisecond
Video input SDI, HDSDI, component, composite
Format SDI-SMPTE, PAL, NTSC, HDSDI-SMPTE up to 1080i
Antennas 5 x RP-SMA connectors
Power 6.5 - 18V DC 9 Watts on 4 pin Hirose
Size Approx. 145mm x 155mm x 38mm
Temperature Range -5° to 50° C

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