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Meridian - Broadcast Receiver

The Meridian Broadcast Receiver has been engineered to receive zero delay wireless video when coupled with the Meridian range of transmitters. The system has been designed specifically for quick deployment and ease of use.

The 6-way antenna array receiver enhances performance and reliability while the associated range of accessories allow the flexibility to tailor the system to a meet range of production requirements.

Latency less than 1 millisecond
Video output SDI, HDSDI, component SD/HD, composite
Format DI-SMPTE, PAL, NTSC. HDSDI-SMPTE up to 1080i
Power 6.5 -18V DC, 4 pin XLR, 9 Watts
Antenna ports N-type
Mounting Light stand spigot or 1 unit rack mount
Temperature Range -5° to 50° C

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